Huboodle - Now 8 Games!

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Hi everyone.

There is a new release of Huboodle available in the app store. It includes 2 new games. Ludo, and Simon Says. There are also a lot of bug fixes in this release.

More games coming soon! Thank you for your support and recommendations so far!

Here's the app store link:

Thank You!!



Submitted by Muhammad Saidinas on Sunday, April 1, 2018

hi there!
wow I tryed ludo and it's lots of fun!.
I found a small and not so inportent bug though, sometimes after you roll the voice over did not read the result, this is only happend if you only could move 1 piece or can't move any. this bug occurs quite rare though, so not fatal at all.
and of course good job for the game!

Submitted by Derrick on Sunday, April 1, 2018

Hi. Loving the game so far but I have a few issues. How do I manually type in the private room code? Also, is there a way to resume a game after receiving a call? It has totally kicked me out after ending a call and i’m Unable to resume.

Submitted by Steady on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

hi, is anyone able to play with real opponents? when i share my room number it doesn't show up in the ludo chat room. if i back out and send the message, my room number will change when i re-enter.