How can I make a Siri shortcut to open a specific note in the native notes app using Siri?

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Hello! I want to speak a phrase to Siri and have a specific note opened I have selected from the Apple notes app. I am not totally sure if this can be done via Siri shortcut, but I think it can be accomplished. Does anybody know how? If so, will you please share the steps with me. Thank you in advance.



Submitted by Yvonnezed on Thursday, November 25, 2021

I can certainly give you a start. go into the shortcuts app and tap create shortcut. Tap on the shortcut name and call it whatever you want to say to Siri.

The first action you need is find notes. Add that action, the tap on add filter. Here, you'll have to create a search that will find your note.

After that, add the action open note. That should open whatever the find note action finds. Run the shortcut to test if it opens the note you want it to. After that, you should just be able to say your phrase and have Siri open it.

Have a play with it and let me know if I can help any more.

Hi! Thanks for answering my question,but I had no luck "The first action you need is find notes. Add that " I did that, , " tap on add filter. Here, you'll have to create a search that will find your note." after I tapped on filter, I couldn't find where to find the specific note I wanted. However, I did find another way to mostly accomplish what I wanted to do. I created a new folder in the notes app. Then I moved the note I wanted to the newly created folder. then I created a new shortcut and added the action "show notes folder" . Once that action is added, flick down on it until you hear edit, then simply pick the folder. Now I simply tell Siri the phrase I made for the shortcut and the folder comes up.

Submitted by Yvonnezed on Friday, November 26, 2021

I'll try a bit more detail. Add the find note action. tap "add filter" on that action. Swipe left a few times and you should see something like "find all notes where" swipe right and it'll say "body contains anything"

You can swipe down on this line and change any of the three. Double tap on body, and you can change that to created date or name or whatever. Swipe down again and double tap on contains, and you should be able to change that, although I'm not exactly sure what to. Swipe down again and double tap, and you can type what you're searching for, or a date I suppose, if you've used that.

you can also say what order the notes are sorted in, and how many notes you want it to return.

Put the show note action after that search and it'll open it.

An example I tested this with. One of my family created instructions for our Air Fryer and put it in a shared folder in notes. I added the find notes action, set it to "body contains air fryer" added show note after, and it opened it.

If your search finds nothing, you'll get an error that show note wasn't passed a note. If you get more than one, it'll show you a list and let you choose one.