hope we can have more games like AudioWizards

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hey! believe it or not. I play AudioWizards everyday ! and I think it is one of the great game of the year!
I hope this game will be continue and keep updating and hope someone is going to develop or create games like this one...



Submitted by Gar on Saturday, October 19, 2019

Aw is so basic. I'm tired of the simplistic junk. Please no more.

Submitted by myTrueSound on Friday, October 25, 2019

Hei Ming

Good for you, you should get ready for this Halloween to get some nice surprises. Some update might come with some new levels....I just heard


Submitted by Remy on Friday, October 25, 2019

This company had a less "basic" game in the works before Audio Wizards, but the blind community dropped trow and poop juiced all over the demo they released. So now we have Audio Wizards, which despite its basicness has been doing quite well for itself. And that's too bad, because despite a few shortcomings, the idea behind their previous project, Gold Gun was an interesting one. If you're looking for something else interesting, you should check out the kickstarter for the upcoming Pitch Black, or Code 7 for the PC or Mac, which really is something special.

Submitted by ming on Saturday, October 26, 2019

wow! looking forward to it!
untill next week...
that's cool.

I am very appreciate that people are willing to make a great game...
and it is accessible

Submitted by Ashleigh Piccinino on Saturday, October 26, 2019

Hello all wizards,
I'm stuck right now, playing this game for the first time. In story mode, I've been stuck at the last level for a while now, just quite a few hours today--first time playing. I can't seem to defeat this Principal person, so how do you do it and keep your iPhone from going into the control center/notifications pane? that's what mine does when I move fast through the magical elements. I have the option turned off in settings to show the control center during open apps, but it sometimes still launches somehow/notifications does too. anyone have any ideas on beating this guy? Yes, I like the game, too/was worth its money.
Ashleigh Piccinino

Hi Ashleigh
I'm glad you liked the game.
We have tried to fix the problem with the notification center, and so you should have version 1.0.1 installed. If still you have the problem, the only thing you could try is avoid touching the border of the phone when you do the swipes. The code in the game notices already very small swipes, so you don't need to do them from bottom to top.

About the level where you are stuck, I can't help. Playing is the way to master it.

Submitted by Ashleigh Piccinino on Thursday, October 31, 2019

In reply to by myTrueSound

I'm not seeing any updates to the app yet, but someone on here told me that they thought one would be out around Halloween. of course, today's that day, but still no updates.
Ashleigh Piccinino
P.S. Finally beat Principal! Good game with good sound and all. it would be perfect for future teachers of the visually impaired and probably Orientation and Mobility teachers as well due to sound/various location clues.

Hello Ashleigh! Glad to hear you have enjoyed the game!

The update we've been talking about should be online within the following days or during the next week. It brings a new side-story and few unlockables. We're also planning to make a bigger announcement about everything related to AudioWizards so stay tuned!

Submitted by Gar on Friday, November 1, 2019

This is, frankly, infuriating. I did see the Gold Gun game briefly and I would have considered paying for it had there been a little more to get from it. But why? Seriously, and this is just my opinion but why do blind folks seem to go for the simplistic stuff so frequently? We deserve more. We deserve games that don't feel like they are just loose copies of other games.
I'm not saying Audio Wizards is, by any stretch, but I will say it's not my genre. But you know what? That's okay. It's the first fantasy genre audio game I have seen. So it's not filling a nitch that has been milked to death, unlike all the other card and dice games we seem to have.

Submitted by Gar on Friday, November 1, 2019

Again, I hold no ill will towards the AW devs. I just wish we had more games with the depth of, say, Six Ages, instead of the depth of Space Encounters or Nebula.

Submitted by Remy on Friday, November 1, 2019

That's the simplest reason. I'm with you. As a mainstream gamer, I'm severely underwhelmed by most audio games I play. But remember that games with depth take a lot of creativity and resources to make, and while the pool of audio gamers isn't that shallow, it's still shallow enough that going in-depth doesn't always pan out. Some games are more. Like I've always said, Code 7 is one of the better games out there. Though it's not primarily an audio game, it is accessible to both blind and sighted. A Hero's call was something more in-depth also. And Pitch Black and The Girl who Sold the World look like they will be something special also. Consider MyTrueSounde is a small developer - which they are. They tried with something more interesting, and again, the community tore them apart. Slightly with kind of good reason, but mostly not. So now they've done a step back with Audio Wizards, and despite its simplicity, it's been very well-received if comments around here are any indication. Yeah, the story is over relatively quickly and is a little bear bones, but this game wasn't exactly touted as a narrative experience. I think it accomplished everything it set out to. Gameplay is relatively simplistic, but it is challenging for many people and has the potential to be expanded upon. They also got the blind community involved with music, and even paid people to create for it. That turned out very well. You're not stuck with text-to-speech for the voice acting either. As one of the voice actors myself - the Principal - I can tell you I took it seriously and gave my all in the performance, because in lots of audio games, Voice acting is ... pretty rough. Hopefully we'll see something more in-depth from Mytruesound one day. Until then, Remember that lots of audio games are created by one person, or maybe a small team with limited resources and likely an even more limited return for all their hard work.

Submitted by Ashleigh Piccinino on Saturday, November 2, 2019

In reply to by AudioWizards

Will the game cost even more money than what I've already paid into it? is that the big PSA about it? Also, will the update automatically be in the app--for instance, I'll open it and see Level 21 and its name? or will I have to download the update from the App Store.

it's nice to finally meet the voice under that hat and all that power? I thought you were the good guy, but oh well/hope I didn't beat you up too bad. do you think you would act in other games, and if so, what ones? I think Audio Vizards is good for Orientation and Mobility skills, as it relies souly on sound to play. you could think of that and the spell order as areas on the clock/directions on the compass. Thank you for your acting, and I'll hopefully hear your voice sooner/later in other games. if not, good locu with this one? By the way, who's the Irish guy to play Mesofort--sorry if I got your fellow wizard's name wrong there.
Ashleigh S. Piccinino

Submitted by DMNagel on Saturday, November 2, 2019

Are we seriously expected to boycott anything simplistic, sit on our behinds, cry and wait until someone has figured out how to make the perfect game for all? I think not. Now why not some of you may ask? Simply because the word all doesn't exist. Nothing ever appeals to all. I can say for a fact that neither king of dragon pass, nor 6 ages Appeals to me for example. I'll be waiting for that game, but until then i'll enjoy what i can.

Submitted by myTrueSound on Saturday, November 2, 2019


Yes, we didn't get the update ready for Halloween, but is coming, most probably next week. Nobody will have to pay extra for the new five levels. It is our present for the community, and a proof that we want to keep developing the game much further. The update should pop up from the app stores, and most probably, it will be earlier in App Store than in Google Play, because the guys of Apple seem to be faster than Google. We will keep you updated as usual. If you want to get news from us as they come, remember to follow us on twitter or in facebook where we have accounts for both AudioWizards and myTrueSound. Our website is also updated as soon as we have something to say.

Getting back to expanding the world of AudioWizards, we have two very solid ideas that we want to make true. One goes into the co-operative experience, and another in the multiplayer field. I can't talk about them because the guys like to prepare this kind of announcements, and they are actually the ones doing the hard work, so I let them the honor. But yeah, if people keeps supporting us and our games, we will try every time to make them better and more complex. It is important to notice here that we know and understand that not everybody will always like each game we do. Doing a game is very challenging, and with our resources we can't make miracles. But we are enjoying our work, and everyday we feel more and more welcome in the community, so we are not planning to disappear any time soon.

But yeah, if you didn't yet buy the game, what are you waiting for? Soon it is getting 25 levels, and your support will help us to get into the multiplayer and in cooperative mode.

Have all of you a wonderful weekend


Submitted by Trenton Matthews on Sunday, November 3, 2019

I wanted to share, that I ‘purposefully” bought Audio Wizards for my ‘Galaxy S10E” first, because at least when it comes to the blind community, more developers prefer supporting IOS first, or ‘only” for IOS. In many ways, devs continue to believe that programming/creating audio games for Android take more time to do. Me wonders if the folks at ‘My True Sound” could expand on how they developed the Android version if they can. Either here, or on a future ‘Blind Bargains” podcast or something.

PS. I will be buying Audio Wizards again, though for my IPhone 11 once I get it next year. Typing this on my IPad Mini 5th gen.

Submitted by kool_turk on Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sorry for going slightly off topic, but was wondering if it's possible to submit to the app store, then when it gets approved, all the developer would have to do on a certain date is to flip a switch.

Is something like that even possible? this way you can quietly submit your app to the app store, it would then get reviewed by apple, then it would be up to the developer to push a button at their end and make the update go live.

Hi Trenton
First of all, thanks for supporting us. I hope you liked and enjoyed the game.

We developed the game and each update (next one will be the second) simultaneously for iOS and Android, and we submit the files to both stores, Google and Apple, on the same day and basically hour. This far, Apple has approved the game or the update in one day, while for Google the review process has taken up to 8 days. That difference, believe me, has been very annoying for us, because it complicated greatly the way we communicated about the game in social media and audiogame forums like this one.

So far, our game was published in each platform automatically as soon as it was approved. Perhaps it is possible to get them approved but not published, and wait until the process went fine in both platforms (next message after yours was suggesting this). But on the other hand, our game has been downloaded 10 times more in iOS than in Android, and that is a strong reason for us to not delay the release in iOS because of the Android. It doesn't mean we don't care about the Android, please notice that, but we think it is Google Play the one that has to change its review process and speed it up, so it catches with what their competence is doing. The faster eats the slower. In other words, that difference is not our fault, neither the fault of any of our clients, nor iOS nor Android, but of Google Play.

Submitted by Trenton Matthews on Sunday, November 3, 2019

In reply to by myTrueSound

Thanks for the fast reply!

Yes, Google has indeed changed in how their review process works now... Back in the olden days, the review process between Apple and Android was reversed in how apps were published.
Guess the best thing I can do then, is to share the Play Store link among the ‘social media” realms out there.

Submitted by ming on Sunday, November 3, 2019

hey! I am looking forward more new games from My true sound
andhopefully we can have some shooting games or RPG dungen games like entomb !

Submitted by AudioWizards on Monday, November 4, 2019

Hello everyone! Thanks for all the questions and the support you've been giving us in this thread. I turn my back once and suddenly the discussion is over 20 responses long haha!

Anyhow, just like David from myTrueSound account answered you, we have started to plan out a bigger announcement regarding all the stuff happening behind scenes here with AudioWizards devs and what are we planning for the future once the update hits live. Also, a double confirmation that the update will be 100% free!

I'll try to keep a closer eye to this the thread now that the topic is getting hot so keep them questions coming. Also, I suggest that if you haven't tried AudioWizards yet there could soon be a good chance to test it out so stay tuned.

Submitted by ming on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

hey! haven't heard from you guys (the developer) of for awhile.
how'sit going?
the new update is coming soon?
or not?

Submitted by AudioWizards on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hey ming! Sorry for the late reply.

We are proud to announce that the update is about to be launched so hang on just a little longer! We'll make an official announcement here and every other place we are active once the update hits the stores.This should happen before Sunday.

Submitted by ming on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

is this update have the new story line?

Submitted by AudioWizards on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Yes! The update includes a short side-story titled: Saundaman is Missing as well as few more unlockable hats for the Endless Mode. There are also some bug-fixes that didn't make it in the last patch.

Submitted by Ashleigh Piccinino on Saturday, November 16, 2019

In reply to by AudioWizards

I'm, of course, using an iPhone seven for this game. I don't think it's powerful enough for it, though. the phone still pulls the delay card when I'm trying to bring up spells. I'm a totally blind user of this app but can't devote much time to it due to school work. however, I'll explain what I mean about the delays. when I'm trying to bring up, say the lightning spell, after using another, my phone won't bring it up right away, so I have to swipe in the lightning spell's direction, but … I die before I can ever get it up. No matter how short I swipe on the screen, the control center/notifications still come up at times. plus, when I swipe right, being careful to make it short, the game can sometimes get paused. like I said, I don't think my iPhone is powerful/fast enough to handle this game as I rely souly on the sound. However, it's a good game all the same.
Thank you,
Ashleigh Piccinino
P.S. During times when I need to activate the "superspell," my phone can often delay again, causing this not to work on time. have any of you tried playing the game with the iPhone seven plus? Is it better in terms of how the phone performs when doing magic? If not, this wil have just been five bucks out the window when I hopefully receive the seven plus in the Christmas season/before.

Hi Ashleigh. The team reviewed your case and they said that so far only your case has been reported from over one thousand iOS downloads. The game has been tested in versions as down as iPhone 5 and played well. We suspect that there has to be another problem, like for instance in your phone or in mixture with some other settings, where we can't be of help. Hopefully the problems solves. We will keep launching updates eventually. If you think you deserve a refund, please, contact us in that case through audiowizards@mytruesound.com. Hope that helped.