help with inquisitor chapter 3 on ios

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hi all, i am playing the inquisitor chapter 3, sisters in dream. i need some help pleasespoilers are here, please, if you have not played it, do not read on, unless you can help of course! smile

ok ... i have opened the cage with the keys, put the golden leaf on the altar after i planted the seed, formed the tree and subsiquently found it, and i now have the 3 spheres one from the cage which is the earth, and the other 2. now please, what do i do? also, is there a sequence, as to where the apple takes you from each scene? what pease, do i have to do now? i have found the statue, and the odd golden ball from the rock that i hit with the hammer. am i far in to the title, assume a lot more is in-store or have i arearly finished already? hose there is more. can anyone help?thanks, Will



Submitted by Will on Saturday, October 20, 2018

hi all, with the release of the 4th inquisitor chapter it seems i assume, a short while away, i have restarted and want to complete, chapter 3, sisters in dream. spoilers aheadi have opened the cage, gotten dark spheres, 2 of them, the hammer, axe, snake and apple are all in my inventory. i have found the altar but now please, where do i go? have been to the foggy clearing, the rocky scenery, and the forest and wood, but just can't see what i have to do. any help, please? thank you.