Help with A blind legend scene 20

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Hello, I cannot complete scene 20 using my iPhone SE when I try to move my character up the screen he doesn’t have enough time to be able to move slice the line and then get into the boat before he gets killed any suggestions I’m moving my finger as fast as I can up the screen with out the motion being undetectable there is literally no way to not get killed



Submitted by David Lai on Monday, October 2, 2017

Hi, I'm also using an SE. Here's how I do it.
Louise says "the sea, at last! This way!" Now, go forward like you always do by moving your finger forward and holding it on screen. Louise will run before you. Tip: you will stop moving when you get to some water. It's a good thing to turn slightly left before that happens, because the boat will face to the center of your stereo field. Then, when Louise tells you to run, you can simply run straight ahead. Add: if I remember, you can't make any move while you are standing in the water at first. When you get to her, she will be struggling with the rope. After the voice acter says "stand back", quickly double-tap to draw your sword and, after that, swipe up to cut the rope. Hope this helps!