hello! myTrueSound! ! how are you doing?

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hey! guys
haven't heard from this game's developer for awhile.
how's it going?
will it has new games coming in 2020?
I am still enjoy playing audiowizard and loving it so fa r!
haven't get the steam version though!
because it is not accessible with screen reader I think
not the game, but, the steam interface itself.\
anyway, if you r ead this!
please tell us what happening right now.
and what are you doing?

looking forward the new r release coming soon!



Submitted by myTrueSound on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Thanks for asking Ming.

We are working on three things now.
1) The new game. We don't want to talk yet what it is about, but I can say it is an RPG manager auto-battle mode game. In two months we should have a playable demo and then we will launch a kickstarter campaign, most probably. The game is not arcade type, neither it is a typical audio game, but we think we can do it fully accessible for the community.
2) Translating AudioWizards into spanish. We should be ready in about 2 months. However, the game will be sold as a different thing, because now we want to check how in app purchases system works in comparison to a 1-time purchase.
3) Multiplayer version of AudioWizards. We should get an alpha version to test by late spring, and then we would do some test with testers from the community.

Basically that is what we are working in

Submitted by Laura on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Personally, I’d rather buy an App right up front instead of making in App purchases. The only exception would be if there’s a demo, and the rest of the game is a one-time purchase. To each their own though.
So far, I’m really enjoying the game and am looking forward to the multiplayer mode.

Submitted by ming on Thursday, February 13, 2020

well, never heard something like it before!
but, want to know more about it later if you want to tell us more about it.

Submitted by ming on Thursday, February 13, 2020

what I am looking for is:
a truely shooting game.
like PUBG or Fortnight... something like it!