Glow-Simon says NewGeneration

iOS & iPadOS Gaming
The game hunter has done it again! I found another freebie. You should try this game out. It is quite accessible, and as a Simon game with nine buttons rather than the traditional four. It has two modes. The normal mode is just like a traditional Simon game, and the arcade mode plays random sequences every time, so pattern memorization won't help. It's free, so get it while it lasts. By the way, the tutorial is not accessible, so just find the next button and keep pressing it until your page 8 of eight. Next will change to done, and you'll be all set. I don't know all the unlabeled buttons and so on, but the ones that seem to be important are clearly labeled, except for the buttons that you use to actually play with, which simply say button. With a little practice, you get the hang Of it pretty quickly. See u on the leader boards!


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