games that were playable on the computer, can they now be made for IOS devices?

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Hi, everyone, I was just wondering, since a game developer known for his wonderful computer games, has made a wonderful app to us accessible, namely Audio Archery, would it be possible for other makers that have made games for the computer, to be played on IOS devices? For example, Entombed is a fun game, also Jim Kitchen's Monopoly, and so is Super Egg Hunt. If the developers were willing would it be possible to turn these wonderful games into IOS games? Or are they strictly made for the computer? Thank you for any responses.



Submitted by Chelsea on Thursday, June 6, 2013

Since ios and the pc are two different platforms, you can't simply run one another's apps on them. The games would have to be ported or recoded, and that is the short answer. People would also have to consider the input methods and hardware specs of ios devices. But with these considerations aside, it should be theoretically possible.