game similar to the Alexa skill Angel Investor

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Hi, I'm looking for a game similar to The Angel Investor
alexa skill. discription is below.
Do you have what it takes to be a Silicon Valley VC? Can you make the right choices to turn your $10,000 into many millions? Now's your chance to find out!

You play an average joe fascinated with the world of angel investing. You've watched Shark Tank religiously, followed all the big deals on the news, and finally decided it's time to get in on the action, I mean how hard can it really be?

You've scrounged up all the money you could possibly afford to spare, and even some more than that, as well as hired yourself an impressive Executive Assistant to guide you through the process. Now the action is put on you:

Throughout the game, companies will come to you and present their offers. After listening to their pitches, it comes time for you to make your decision, You can choose to take the offer straight up, walk away, or begin negotiating. If you choose to negotiate, you will be able to request more equity from the company. But be careful, ask for too much and you might lose the deal!

After each investment you'll need to wait while the company uses your money to try and build their company. You'll hear back soon enough and potentially receive some profits, with the option to invest again at a later time. Make the right choices, and negotiate wisely and you are sure to succeed. Thanks for your help.