Galactic colonies help

Not sure if this is a bug in Galactic Colonies but I am at the part where I have to sell 25 computer parts I already have my ore extractor, my or warehouse, the factory and the computer parts warehouse.
However, I am not able to find any crystals in this planet, and I am not able to get a crystal extractor.
I am also having a bug where voiceover tells me I have 4 billion energy sels, and I’m not able to use it. Can these two bugs be resolved?



I have the same problem. I must sell 25 computer parts, but have no region with crystals.

Expand the area by going out

Expand the area by going out and back into theeplanet.. I was able to complete the mission in about 30 minutes after I did that.

Good luck.

Re expand out of planet

I expanded from the planet and came back in but the crystals aren’t showing up. I am also having the problem with the energy cells, what do I do about that?

Move out again


Try to move one more time out to the space map and you will see that the map has expended. Also I strongly advice you move around the map by touch, I mean don't swipe.

Energy thingies, I have no clue.


I did that

I moved out, and went back in more than two times. It didn’t work.

Not funny

I moving out from the planet and it didn‘t work. I haven‘t any crystal‘s. Not funny.

Expanding the planet

In order to expand the planet, you have to explore the regions you already have, especially the ones on the edges. It doesn't work to just go out to the space map and come back to the planet. Every time you explore regions on the edges of the map, then go out to the space map and return to the planet, you will find new unexplored regions, some of which may be crystals.
I had the same problem with energy cells. Send an Email to the developer with your user ID and they'll fix it for you.

Solution worked

In order to get crystals, explore the regions that people have that are having problems selling computer parts. Thanks to the previous poster it worked, now here is my problem. How do I copy my user ID with voiceover so I can send it to the developer.

User ID

How do I copy my galactic colonies user ID with voiceover so I can send it to the developer so I can get my energy sells reset?

User ID

You could take a screenshot of the account screen in settings, share it with the developer, and tell the developer about the energy cell problem.

I did it

Thanks for the reply, I did it. I did that on Monday and I haven’t heard back. I will wait to see what happens from there.