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My name is Berenice, and this is my first post.
Does anyone know of any accessible blackjack games?



Submitted by Kelly Sapergia on Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hi Berenice, and welcome to AppleVis!
There are a number of accessible Blackjack games available for iOS. My personal favorite is Blindfold Blackjack from Kid Friendly Software, which is an audio game that uses gestures. There are lots of options to customize the game. For instance, you can set the background ambiance to either casino sounds or music, and you can choose to use Las Vegas-styled gestures if you want, meaning you would swipe down to hit, swipe left to stand, etc.
(If you choose to use the default gestures instead, you'd tap once to hit, and swipe down to stand.)
Alternatively, if you'd prefer to play using Voiceover, I recommend trying Premium Blackjack from Pangia Games, who also create Dice World, another of my favorite iPhone games.

Submitted by SplendidFault on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

This thread is almost four years old. Has anybody discovered some more blackjack games that are blind-accessible since these posts were sent?
Thank you very much in advance :-)

Submitted by Lucky girl on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Hi,i saw this post the other day and started searching for new accessible blackjack games. İ found two of them. The first one created by taptapboom the second one developed by solitaire game studio’s. İ’m bad at links,but you can search that way

Submitted by Fantasy, RPG&action-gamer on Monday, April 20, 2020

does anyone know if blind gamblers can deal with real money and win cash in accessible blackjack or roulette and/or other casino games?
I know there is not yet such games for the blind that pays out real money.
But I wish it happens to be developed.
does anyone wants to make my dream come true by telling if such games exists so that we can become real money gamblers for using accessible games Like this.
thank You all