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Hey all, I've got a great idea for an app which I'd love to see on the app store. So lately I've been looking around for some accessible fishing games. I haven't really found any that are accessible with voiceover which is a shame because I believe that it would be a fun type of game to play. Does anyone know of any accessible fishing games?



Submitted by Ashleigh Piccinino on Friday, September 24, 2021

There's fishing in the new Swordy Quests game, and it's fairly accessable as well. however, it's a text-based game, so you're not going to literally flip your phone as you would a real rod. it's pretty good though, but I think you have to play Swordy Quests to interact with that element. sounds for fish are dings--bigger ones--and a sort of bonk or something like that--for smaller fish. the boat moves on its own, and you hit "cast line" when you hear what you think is a big fish--the ding sound. sharks sound like splashes in the water--try not catching those/need to be fought.

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