Final Fantasy Tactics, The War of the Lions?

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Dear Apple Vis community! Does anyone know whether Final Fantasy Tactics, Teh War of the Lions is accessible with voiceover or not? Seeing how its a turn based game that I think there is some possibilities cause Battleship is accessible on a similar player interface like tile by tile format. I'm not sure what Square-Enex means by drawing to interact with the characters because as I recall on Playstation one that its doable just choosing a character and arrowing down through options like attack, item or move, etc per character by character basis within certain limits. For example, archers can shoot arrows further than soldiers can of attacking like chess with bishops and pawns in a comparisons for those unfamilar with the concept. Keeping that in mind that I am not sure of the menu options nor anything else of the interface for that matter in accessibility terms for this game. In case you were wondering, the game is costly at a whooping $16.00 to purchase the game for the I-Phone 3 or Pod and later generation devices. You have to purchase two formats for I-Pad and the I-Phone/I-Pod versions respectfully. I contacted Square-Enex representative who said that the development is done through an outside party not done inhouse and really don't want to pay for something that I might not be able to use. Is there any recource for my potential losses that anybody knows of to recoope my loses just in case of a purchase? By the way, I have a good idea that Apple Vis or other consumer groups should be ranked on the review tab for all apps in the App Store and should have clearance free beta testing of apps upon their release for free. I've contacted Apple.Inc about this proposal that and or giving one day temporary downloads for the blind to test out apps before final purchase is guarnteed or a automatic filter that tests for accessibility of all apps. Can't wait to hear from all of you on this issue cause I want to know whether any Final Fantasy games are accessible or not not only just Tactics! Cordially, Peter Q Wolfe, BA



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What I would do, is simply try out the game on someones iOS device that already has it. That way you're not losing anything. I hate to say it, but some games are not going to be accessible, simply cause there is so much going on. I'll use Solara as an example. While most of that appears to be accessible, what goes on during the battles happens way too fast for voiceover to keep up. I wish those games were accessible as well, but I don't know anyone that has the final fantasy games so I can't test them. Some games, you just know, aren't going to be accessible.

You could also buy the app,and I have heard you can get a refund if you call the apple customer care. or my apple,as its known. Evren, Even in games like solara and such and a few others you don't really need voiceover feedback in certain situations. the battles in solara beeing one of them. By flicking around and getting used to the sounds of each characters attacks,its farely easy to figure out what's going on. That said, I don't really think FF will be accessible at all. so I'd suggest staying away,but if you are curious,you could follow the advice given above. Falcon wings.

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Falcon mentioned his lack of confidense in Final Fantasy right? I'm wondering whether there is a difference between traditional role playing games versus tactical turn by turn rpg games with voiceover accessibility? I think its spot on that lots could be going on but turn by turn rpgs wait till your turn is finished, then the computer generates its next move. I am about to call Square-Enex again to see whether I can talk to the outside contractor of the game development piece for Final Fantasy Tactics. Thanks, Pete