Echoid Available on iOS

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Dear community!

I`d like to offer my new audio game – Echoid for your attention.
Leave your eyes and make use of your ears for playing!
You control the ball moving between platforms in 3 rows.
A trap randomly appears on your way.
Your task is to avoid it, so listen carefully where the trap is.
It is not as easy as it seems.
To control the ball is as simple as ABC - just use swipe to the left and swipe to the right.
This interesting and endless game requires quick reflexes and concentration!
The longer you play, the more points you score and the more difficult the game becomes.

Link to the full version for iOS:

Link to the lite version for Android:
There are only 2 sides where the ball moves, while the full version has 3 of them. The complexity is slightly simplified and limited.

Link to the full version for Android:
The game has 3 sides for the ball movement, while Echoid Lite has only 2 of them. The full complexity, without simplifications and restrictions, is available to the player.

Link to the lite and full PC versions:


This is a great little game

This is a great little game. I downloaded it a short while ago and my highest score so far is 190. I look forward to future updates.

a good little game but,...

hey! it is a good little game. but, I hope your next project is a big one.
I am looking for adction games, fighting games, or shooting games... esectra!

it is too simplist games

this g ame is a quite easy and simple game.
we need more good and charlenging one.
please we are waiting for your next one.

First, i will release on iOS

App Developer

First, i will release on iOS my old Android audio game - Two Steps. Its about passing the labyrinth.
After that, i'll try do big and hard RPG.

It gets harder, though

It might be a simplistic game, but it becomes more difficult the more you progress. I personally like it. My high score so far is 240.

I like this game

Hi! After reading the thread here, I decided to download Echoid on to my iPhone, and I'm glad I did. Even though the gestures to play the game are simple, avoiding the traps is not always easy, especially when the game gets faster. I played it for a short while yesterday to try it out, and my highest score so far is only 80, but I hope to improve that in the future. Thanks to the developer for this fun but challenging little game.