Domino theory

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There's a game on the app store called domino theory. It costs one dollar to download currently, and believe it or not the game is actually excessible. To start the game, Press the place dominos Button. Then, find the play button, hold it down, and drag it around the screen. You have to visualize the patterns you're making, but if you think about it carefully you Will do fine. You can hear the dominoes being laid down as you drag your finger across the screen. Once you have the domino's place to your satisfaction, double-click the play button. It will Change to stop. Then, hold it down and use it to knock down your dominos. This is why you have to remember how you placed them… So you could knock them down… See how many you can get. Currently, I have a chain of about 250 domino's that I've done, but you can go to 1000… If you're good. The dominoes make music as they fall. The notes it plays are depending on how close the dominoes that fall are to each other. It's pretty cool. I got it for my son, and I'm playing it more than he is!



Submitted by Sharonda on Friday, December 26, 2014

I'm wondering have future updates to this game become inaccessible? I have the iPhone 6, and upon downloading this app today, it doesn't seem to work. Suggestions are welcome.

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