Does anybody remember a dark room?

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As the subject line says, does anybody remember a dark room? I just bought it yesterday and I am amazed. Truely, this game should be celebrated. I created this topic so people could talk about this again and answer questions about it. I have not completed it, but I am close.
It is amazing that this game is still on the App Store. It was updated just last year. This thread is also used to discuss the ensign, which is a dark room’s prequel. Let’s start the discussion!



Submitted by Igna Triay on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

those two games are some of my favorites. The ensign is really hard, but its amazing

Submitted by Maranatà on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Hello! What games are they? Audio or text games? If they are audio I try them! Are they for IPhone?

Submitted by Brian Giles on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

They are text games. A Dark Room was pretty popular in the mainstream iOS games market. I remember seeing articles about it on tech blogs. I never really got into them though.

Submitted by Ekaj on Thursday, March 14, 2019

Is this perhaps the same as Dark Room Sex? Not trying to start a flame war or anything, but I remember seeing that game on the Audio Games site. Has it been updated?

Submitted by falcon wings on Friday, March 15, 2019

lmao, both are different games
the first is a text non erotic game for IOS and the latter is an audio erotic game concept.
Not been updated but its still around if you want it.
a dark room is a real fun game, I still play it from time to time whenever I have a few minutes to spare :D

Submitted by VORookie on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Hello AppleVis,

First post and looking for some help! I'm trying to set up an iPad for a friend of mine in who is blind. A Dark Room is one of the first things I installed on it. Judging by past, very positive comments and reviews, I was looking forward to play-testing it myself with VO on and my eyes closed.

With VO on, though, the updates, announcements of those updates, button labels, hints, headings, etc are so frequent that VO keeps talking over itself, cutting itself off and missing some updates entirely because it already has newer information to read. I'm only at "A Firelit Room" and am already very frustrated.

I should say here that I'm fully sighted and have no problem playing or understanding the game with VO off, or with VO on and my eyes open. But with VO on and my eyes closed, I'm finding it almost unplayable.

The History box reads in reverse chronological order, which is fine if you can see, you just start at the bottom and read up. But there's no way that I can find to change the order or to read individual messages/updates. So when I've missed an update because it was spoken over or cut off, having VO read the entire history is confusing because everything happens backwards in time, and is often cut off by yet another update.

AppleVis, I swear this isn't a rant. I'm a complete VO rookie just looking for some guidance. I want to love this game and I want to send it to my friend as ready-to-play as possible. But right now my most common response to it is "Wait...what?"

So, are you having this same experience with it? Was there an update to iOS or something that made the game not as playable as it used to be? Are there certain VO settings that would make the game work better?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time!