Desperately seeking a developer for accessible Spades and other possible card games.

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Hello everyone.

I'm searching for a developer willing to consider working on the creation of an accessible Spades game, as well, potentially anyway, as the creation of other great games such as Rook, Phase 10, Skip-Bo, Five Crowns (Called Three Thirteen when played with a regular deck of cards, Pitch (AKA Setback by many), and other such card games, but, most especially, Spades!

I've been trying to find a VO-accessible Spades game for years now, with no luck at all. Ok, so I have contacted the developers, and, if I received a reply at all, it went along the lines of, "Well, we have a public forum, and, if enough players support your suggestion, we'll definitely consider it." I have posted to those forums, but, let's just say that I don't get much support, since the majority of the players are sighted, which is fine, and which I knew was going to be the case when I posted to the forums, but I tried.

Ok, so, even though I have no clue about programming, I wondered if I could learn to do it myself, especially with the help of a system which would do the programming for me. Ok, so I went to GameSalad. It looked great, but then I found out that it doesn't currently support the accessibility frameworks for IOS/OS, Android, or any of the other platforms that it helps you develop for. Ok, so that's out.

So now, given that I am NOT a programmer, which I freely admit, I'm seeking folks who may be willing to help me make my dream come true, the dream of an accessible Spades game, and, if I'm really lucky, some of the other great card games that I mentioned above being made accessible! Is there any developer out there that loves to play cards, and that is willing to work on developing VO-accessible Spades? Please?! I've been trying to make this happen for over 2 years now, with no luck, so, I'm reduced to begging, in the hopes that a few of the wonderful developers out there will take pity on this poor card junkie, and help give me my fix! *GRIN* No matter the answers, thanks for all the great games that are already out there!!!

A Twitching Card Junkie Going Through Major Withdrawal,



Submitted by Joe on Sunday, March 8, 2015

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I would also love this been looking one for years as well! Hopefully soon. We have tons of options for blackjack and different things like that but I agree spades would be really neat.

Submitted by BigMurph on Thursday, March 12, 2015 makes versions of games like Monopoly, Life and others; at one point, years ago, there was talk of making Spades accessible. Btw, the developer named this series B. G.(Blind Gamer) and they are all audio. But are for Windows OS only. Kid Friendly Software makes Blindfold series of games for IOS; Wild Card(Uno), Crazy 8s, and Solitaire are a few.

Submitted by Krister Ekstrom on Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello, i freely admit i don't know the first thing about Spades, but it would be cool if it were accessible. Another cool game that i would love to see accessible is La Scopa, preferably with game center support so one could play against ones friends. The Blindfold games, by the way, are awesome, fully on par with the Spoonbill ones.

Submitted by KidFriendlySoftware on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I'm currently working on it. We've already released an initial version to our testers.

Submitted by Amy Harris on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thank you SO much for working on a Spades game!!! I know that the game starts out simple, but I've been hoping for a Spades game with some of the meriad of variations that are out there for so long, that I'm trying hard not to ask 50 million questions. LOL

I hope that you guys will consider, in the future, things like passing 3 cards to the left, right, across, and then having to hold all your cards on the 4th deal, or things like blind nil or double nil. (As you can tell, I've been playing Spades, and tons of other card games like Rook, Phase 10, and Setback, all of my life, and it's been killing me that I can't find accessible versions of these games on my iDevice. I want you guys to know how SINCERELY grateful I am! Thank you SO much!!!


Submitted by otrlibrary on Thursday, October 8, 2015

I feel just as strongly as the original poster but I have been begging for accessible Euchre and Cribbage. I've download many free versions and even paid for several and no luck at all.

Submitted by kingdekka on Friday, October 9, 2015

Have you tryed cribbage pro? that one is accessible.