Desperately Needing help playing Celtic tribes

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Hello I am new to playing the game Celtic tribe. And I really want to play, but I am not exactly sure of what to do. I've tried reading the guide that I saw on here but to me, they make no sense, and I just don't understand them. Anyone else that plays Celtic tribes can help me, I would grately appreciate the help. Thanks.



Submitted by Missy Hoppe on Friday, November 14, 2014

Hi! Although I'vebeen playing the game for almost a year, I'm not sure how much help I can give you; all I've managed to do is build up my villages. I haven't discovered any other point to the game. In fact, it's probably one I'd delete if I hadn't stupidly made the mistake of spending quite a bit of real money on it. I don't understand the purpose of alliances or anything. Hopefully, someone who actually understands the game will chime in and enlighten us both.

Submitted by Nicolai Svendsen on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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I know that it has been quite a while since this saw some activity, in fact there have been even an unanswered post, but Celtic Tribes really is easy to follow along if you read the guide from part one to part six.

The point of Celtic Tribes is obviously to build your mighty empire and destroy people. Joining a tribe in the game is not an option, it is practically a requirement to not be reset in the game.

You can take villages on your own. You do not need a tribe to do this, however being a member of a tribe is very much recommended.

When you first start out with your village, it is a good idea to work on building up the farm and the palisade first, but try to keep both the training area and the Palisade fairly even at all times. This will boost your troops' defense bonuses. I generally spend a whole day getting my farm to about level 17, which takes about 23 hours or so. But it all comes down to planning.

Usually, I stop focussing on a building once it takes more than seven hours to complete. Once this is the case, I focus on increasing other buildings so that the buildings with the longest building time will be completing at night time. For example, if I went to bed at 11PM, I can have several lower buildings finished before that and start the Woodcutter's Lodge, which will take 7 hours, 29 minutes and 46 seconds to complete to reach level 18. Assuming that another building has finished before this one in regards to the building queue, I could add a second building without having to use magic potions to do so.

It is quite possible to play Celtic Tribes without spending money on it, though it is very nice to be able to use all resources on buildings only at times. You can then have buildings queued up for days at a time.

It requires quite a bit of strategy, however, as you want to get resources continuously and constantly build. You want to be very aware of how much a building takes to build, as well as how to build your troops. For example, speed building troops is a complete waste of time. You spend one magic potion per troop, so this can very quickly add up. Also, you can halve the building time which you can also do by increasing the Training Area to the maximum level. This is done without using any magic potions at all. Not just that, but your troops will also die. Buildings are permanent.

If you have multiple villages and one of your villages is conquered, you can technically overwhelm the new chieftain by sending a massive amount of attack units from another village nearby in order to take it back. Some people will throw a lot of troops against a village to test their strength and wipe out a majority of them, then launch a second attack with a druid to conquer the village.

When it comes to maintaining your villages, you want to gain a good understanding of which units to use as well as acquire a basic foundation of troops for defense and attack purposes. There is a lot to be said for all of these topics, but instead of repeating it all, I'd just read the guide again from start to finish:ā€¦

Obviously if there is something specific that makes no sense to you, feel free to comment again!