crafting kingdom slowdown

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I'm using iPhone 6S with the latest stable version of IOS (11.4whatever). Even before this update, I've noticed the app slowing down and doing some odd things the last few weeks. Sometimes it'll get stuck on just saying "loading" no matter what I do. Other times, I'll make the same swipe gesture that I use throughout the game for various reasons, swiping down with a single finger, and instead of doing it, it brings up the notification center, causing me to have to get out of that and back into the game. This is the only app on my phone that's misbehaving. Is anyone else having trouble? I thought to bring it up on the developer's forum, but the server was having issues.



Submitted by Hubert on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I have also been having the issues you've described, especially the issue where control centre or notification centre keeps popping up when I do the one finger flick up or down gesture, although that issue I've been having with this app for more than a year now, I tend to have that issue with a lot of the blindfold games and Audio Game Hub.