Crafting Kingdom and the mystery of the missing gems!

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For the last year, I have noticed a phenomenon where, at random, gems just vanish. Today, I was hording 496 gems for use in expanding the truly expensive expansion slots. I received 2 gems from a treasure chest and when I checked, I was now at 476. Can anyone of my fellow crafters explain why, or who is pilfering my stash? Oh, and why do the gems only seem to work when I restart my phone (another means in which gems disappear into the nether realms!



Submitted by Ashleigh Piccinino on Monday, September 20, 2021

I'm glad I found this forum again. I've activated some of my quests but rolled them over to new ones. however, the upgrades from those rerolled quests aren't showing up--a boost and some automation restarts for the quary. why aren't these showing up on my account? I've ascended as well, but they aren't showing up. I guess you can't reroll active quests any more/they won't just be used during activation like normal?