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Hi guys, it might sound funny but I've been looking for this iPhone/iPad game for some time and couldn't find it. I don't know the name of this game but will try to describe it based on what I remember about it. It was advertised on Apple Store in Dec 16 or Jan 17, size of the game is over 2 GB, it's a diablo-like rpg and the starting location is a snowy area (remember from screenshots). If you guys could give me any thoughts on what it could be I'd really appreciate it. Thanks J.



Submitted by JeffB on Monday, July 3, 2017

I don't think you will get your answer here as this game probably wasn't accessible with Voiceover. AppleVis is for Apple users that are blind and visually impaired. I doubt that this game would be playable to us even if we did manage to find it.

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