compatibility of the inquisitor games for future versions of iOS?

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subject basically says it all. upon buying the inquisitor's heartbeat game yesterday, I come to find that it won't work with later versions of OS. will this be rectified before said versions are r released? thanks! it's bad enough that the something' else games won't work anymore.



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Sunday, April 9, 2017

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Hey JDawg,

This would certainly be a better question to ask the developer behind The Inquisitor themselves if they have any plans to update all three version of the game. As I have also noticed that The Inquisitor, The Inquisitor 2, and The Inquisitor 3 are written in 32-bit and they might be going away if any truth are behind the iOS 11 of only supporting 64-bit apps. On top of that I had noticed two other games that they produced like AudioSpeed and She Noire are also written only for 32-bit

My worries are that if they do not decide to update all give of their audio games. We are certainly going to lose out even more games to our disposal to play. We have lost several great audio games already and this will only thin out our options for great audio games for the visual impaired community.

So, I would encourage people to contact the developer to consider in making the games in 64-bit. So that we won't lose any more audio games.

JDawg, I also would recommend that you contact them the question that you have mentioned here on AppleVis so that they would be able to answer your question.



Submitted by JDawg on Sunday, April 9, 2017

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just emailed them. hopefully we'll get a satisfactory answer! :)