Castle Story

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Hi all, For those that have played Castle Story, how do you complete the farmhouse in the tutorial? I realise it's not exactly accessible, but I was able to get the wood and whatnot, but now it just continues to say "Splended. Now tap to complete the Farmhouse." I tap randomly everywhere, even with VO iff and can't seem to do it...



Submitted by Ken Downey on Friday, June 21, 2013

First of all, you might want to restart Castle Story in case you scrolled the screen. You can scroll the screen when voiceover is off by sliding your finger around on it. That moves you around. Next, once you started it and know that you're in the center, turn off voiceover and pinch your two fingers together on the screen slowly. This will zoom the screen out Once you've done that a few times, the tiles will be very small. Then, just touch all over the screen until you find the farmhouse. I am on level 11 or 12, and so I can tell you that it's playable. It's a pain in the neck sometimes, but it's Playable.