Bored? Join the First online Venture Zone Game Tournament

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After all that social distancing, you’re tired of audio books, done with described movies and you’ve had it with simple dice games. What to do?

Join the first AppleVis online Venture Zone Game Tournament through CNIB!

Build a company! Make millions! The Venture Zone Game is a fully accessible business simulation game for iPhone that lets you build a production-based business from the ground up. Name your company; pick a product to sell; produce it; brand, market and sell it; hire and fire staff; and crowdfund your next big product—all while growing your top and bottom lines. Will you go bankrupt or get a buyout offer? Stuck on a business term? Use the built-in audio help feature. Make sure your ring switch is on. The player with the highest score will earn well-deserved bragging rights, title of Gold Star Boss and a your very own private jet. (Well...maybe not the private jet. Sorry!) Post your high score to the leader board in Game Center. When you get that big buyout offer, simply return to this forum topic on AppleVis and post your company name, your product and your buyout offer. For example: Fetch! Industries Inc.. $200 handbags. $65 million. Share your questions, strategies, tips and observations right here as well. Canadian users look for Venture Zone Game in the App Store. Now supporting Canadian French. Users outside Canada: Look for Venture Zone Global in the App Store. Visit the Venture Zone Game page on AppleVis to learn more. Good luck and may the best entrepreneur win!



Hi there. It should be in the global version, but it will be Canadian French. You'll need to install that language on your iPhone and switch to that language in order for the French to show up.

Submitted by techluver on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

In reply to by Kevin Shaw

Hey there,
Just wanted to let you know that it didn't work. Was testing it for someone who wanted to play but who's English isn't that great. We would both be using the "venture zone global" version. It'd be nice if that option was available, since the translations are already done. thanks!