blindfold word games,s till bugs, in iPhone5

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Hi all. To Kid friendly software, you did say the bugs would be fixed, yet still on an iPhone five, not the S series, the bugs still exist. Let me explain in case I wasn't clear the first time. Last night after I updated I played Hagman, this seems to happen in Hangman as that's the game i play most often. I missed a word by two letters, and i was presented with the game over screen, swipe up with three fingers, oen finger to keep playing. Again, as I played, the next word, whether the word is large or small, the letters I've aleady used in the previousround are unavailable until I play a letter like Q, then A B C, etc are available. Hope this makes sense, is anyone else using an iPhone five and having this? Btw, I only hear the word if I win, not if i lose the game. Now if that's a feature, that's fine, but when i miss one that i'd like to know hwat it was, a little frustrating i can't do that.