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I thought I posted this earlier but I don't see it so maybe I didn't. I just downloaded Blackbox. Not sure where I've been all this time but what a fun game, and thanks to the developer for the accessibility.
I have a question about the clues. I have some that I don't understand and I wonder if the description is close to what a sighted person might see on the screen. I have clues like "concentric circle:, one that says "nothing" and "search magnifying glass.". Are these pretty descriptive of what's on the scren? Any help would be appreciated. And, thanks again to the developer.



Submitted by JimInTexas on Sunday, July 5, 2020

Hi all!
I see an icon for game center in blackbox but when I goto it I get a message that says can't open game center because I'm not signed in. I see no place to sign in. I know this might not be the right place for this question but I didn't see anything on the web site to help.

Submitted by Blind angel 444 on Sunday, July 5, 2020

In your settings there is a option for the Game Center and you have to sign up through there instead.

Submitted by JimInTexas on Monday, July 6, 2020

That doesn't work for me. When I go to settings/blackbox I have an option that says bulls-eye game center and it is an off/on toggle. Nowhere that I can find to sign on/in.