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Hello, My name is Victor Konstantinov and I want to present to you our quiz game Big Brain Quiz. It is a classic trivia game with questions and answers. The game is played on rounds, where one round consists of mostly 10 questions. You have 40 seconds to answer on every question. Mostly the given possible answers are 4, on some questions they are 2 (true or false) or enter text in the field. We know that on questions where the answer has to be written with the keyboard is hard to do in the 40 seconds window, so we included a Hint system. One of the hints stops the timer for the current question and you can take you time thinking and writing. For more detailed information about the Hints and other features of the game I highly recommends to read the Help in the game. Originally when the game was made (first version of the game was released on September 10th 2010) we didn't have any plans for improving it for blind and low-vision users. After almost 3 years and many updates of the game, we received some very kind messages and feedback from a few blind people. And we decided that we can try and improve the game and make it more accessible for them. For You. The game may not be perfect. There can be some flaws here and there. I'll be more than glad to hear what did you think about it, how we can improve it and what did you like. Big Brain Quiz is free to download from Apple App Store and both iPad and iPhone devices are supported. Thank you for your time.



Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Tuesday, May 14, 2013

hi you could consider the way of controlling if voiceover is running or not as far as i can remember the function to control if voiceover is active or not should be if (UIAccessibility(voiceoverrunning())) // increase time else // 40 seconds so that if a user has voiceover activated the time is automatically increased of, what, another 20 or 30 seconds. as you could decide. it's not because we want advantages but because time-based games have a sort of limitation for us so, when possible, it would be a good way to "tell" the program how to behave if VO is on and how if it's off i suppose you should find the right instructions on this link. bye for now

Submitted by Victor K on Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In reply to by Elena Brescacin

Hello talksina, Thank you very much for your suggestion. We will consider that change with the team. It's a very nice idea!

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