Best platform for Multiplayer 1st person shooter game?

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Hi all

We are working on the Multiplayer version of AudioWizards (let's call it AW-MP), and we need to know what are your preferences regarding the platform. I explain:

The game will be a 1st person shooter type, where you become one distortion yourself, and try to kill as many other distortions as possible withing the assigned battling time. You choose which distortion you want to be (lighting, fire, earth and water) and each one has its own pros and cons, like better or worse speed, energy, attack, etc. The game environment is a maze and there would be two mazes, one small for 4 players at a time, and one bigger for 10 players at a time. AW-MP is open to all players. It includes graphics and immersive 3D sound, with some nice tricks to help you to orientate in the maze and figure out where your enemies are.

We are developing this game with a small and young team, and we need some information from you to know how we should proceed in order to minimize risks and maximize success chances. We need to know if you prefer a PC version or a mobile one. The PC version is easier to implement for us, and we actually are already in alpha phase. Beta could be ready within two months. Mobile will take longer, since it is more difficult to implement, and we still didn't come up with good control system.

Monetization system is the other issue. Yeah, we need to get back the investment, since developing games is not actually free when you need to pay salaries. Here, in a mobile version it would be quite easy to implement a free to play system with adds everytime you re-spawn or start a new game. If you want to avoid adds, you can buy the game at a fix price of let's say 10 €. We are not so experience with adds in PC version games. Any ideas about that.

So please, comment if you have comments
Best regards and stay safe

Ps. By the way, AudioWizards is now on SALE with 60 % off until sunday 29th. We wanted to make easier to people to access the game in this time of quarantine. All sales will help us to get the AW-Multiplayer done!, so come'n people, buy some copies and share them with your friends! This way they will become master distortions when the MP is ready, ja ja.



Submitted by ming on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

I think PC version is easier to deal with.
when playing the game.
and easier to control. the movement of the game.
and I hope it will have the campain mode and moulty player mode.

Submitted by ming on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

the IOS version also possible.
but, we have to think about how to control the movement using touch screen.
maybe other people have great suggestion too.

Submitted by Hunter on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

I think pc version is better than mobile Version. If you write the App in unity code, we could have some Accessibility bucks.

Submitted by Pildain on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

I think that PC is the best platform for making an FPS system because is more easy implement it with keyboard and mouse, but personally I would like to see a mobile version. Nobody has made a really good accessible FPS for iOs before. It will be challenging for developers, but if they really could make a good system it would be something completely new.
A doubt, if you launch a PC version, will we have a Mac version too?