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I won my tournament last weekend so I know it can be done but, I've ran in to an issue, probably my own doing while fighting battles. I keep trying to battle an opponent I see but no matter if I hit the battle button before or after her, I keep hitting someone with heros that don't match up with mine. I was ranked first with 366 but I lost 100 points hitting this other guy several times even though I tried to go much further past him, any suggestions would be appreciated.



Submitted by falcon wings on Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What happens sometimes is the battle buttons come either before or after in the list where you see the characters and such to battle. What you can do is a 4 finger tap at the top to go to the top of the screan,flick until you get to the first ranker in the list. if the battle button is located before the castle name rank and the party,then all buttons are going to be before the castle names and such for other players in the same list,if the button is after the party though, you'll get the buttons for each player after their party as well. This changes with each time you visit the arina screan. Grats for comeing first in the turny.I ranked a louzy forth in the brons league,as I was asleep before the time was about to be up,so someone stole a march on me. =d HTH, Falconwings

Submitted by ryan perdue on Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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that makes sense to me because it seemed like it was changing, now I wont keep hitting warlock boy with my knight, lol

Submitted by Tim Schwartz on Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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That being said, I've had times where there have been two battle buttons together. One right after another. It's a bug but I believe that Paul has referenced it on the app directory page as something they are working on. I came in 4th in the Gold League last week. I was third but had a very close loss right at the end that cost me like 21 points! I'm listed as 'castle Caliginocity'.

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