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Hi all. I've just discovered Backgammon with Buddies. I'm using Voiceover, and am playing on an iPhone 11. I have a couple of questions. One is, how in hades do I figure out which point I'm ultimately heading for, so I can start baring off? I know it's either 1 or 24, but am never quite sure which one to make for. The other thing I'm having trouble with, is the way the moves are announced. I can't quite explain it, but they sound a bit jumbled somehow. E.g, I might be on the 14th point and roll a six, and it'll say something like, move to 20th point, even though I'm going the other way, and should land on the eighth. Any help playing this would be much appreciated.
P.s, I did manage to beat the cpu once, but that was a total fluke.



Submitted by a2 on Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Hi there! I'm Alex, the developer of Backgammon with Buddies!

I had received feedback that it was confusing when the board used player-relative count (meaning: the board said the top-right point was 1-point for player A and 24-point for player B). So the point that you're aiming for depends on which player you are. If you're playing as white, the target is the 24-point. If you're playing as brown, then it's the 1-point.

I hope this information helps!

Hi Alex. Thanks for jumping in here and trying to explain this to me. So, I'm playing as white. One of the numbers I roll is a 5. If I move it from the eighth point, Voiceover says something like, "move by 5 to 23 point.", and then proceeds to move it to point number 3. Is this an example of the relative count thing you were talking about?

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