AudioWizards on Sale! 60 % OFF

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AudioWizards go on sale! Get your own copy for just 1.99 $ or 2.29 €! (depending on location, but about 60 % from the original price). Offer only available from 24th March to 29th.

We know it is being hard to be at home in a quarantine, and hopefully the time of Covid-19 is soon over…but until then, enjoy destroying distortions and listening to the crazy lessons of Saundaman. Over 25 levels full of surprises and items to win or collect, and an endless level to test your skills!

Here the direct links to App Store and Google Play…

Ps: Soon, but not yet, we will have AudioMagos available, the Spanish version of the game.
Ps2: Soon we will have the beta test version of AudioWizards multiplayer ready. More news about that in few weeks.



Submitted by myTrueSound on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Yes, we are actually working on KILTA, an RPG-manager auto battler game. We have the code quite in shape already, and soon we will start to work in all accessibility issues. The game is designed for all types of public. More news soon.

And then, we are working in the Multiplayer version of AudioWizards. About that, I will send quite soon some news, because we need to decide if we develop for PC or for Mobile the whole thing. Our small team can not do multiplatform at this moment.

Submitted by ming on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

hope you will have trailor on youtube for the RPG kind of game.