AudioWizards, no new updates?

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Is the game of AudioWizards just not going to update itself any more? I'm still on Level 25, but I've gotten a new high score in the endless mode. Yet, I'm interested in seeing how the game plays out. Also, while I was playing, I was thinking. If the multiple-person shooter game comes into existance for mobile devices/PCs, why not have the players somehow voice their own comments on spells. For example, I'd go with the Greek titles of the Gods at times, if I were playing the water distortion. I would, of course, switch to the Roman title, Neptune, at various points, but that could teach younger players who those people were, right? After all, the lightning distortion is Zeus-Jupitor, Gaia for the earth spell--can't remember her Roman name now, but Hades/Pluto for the fire God. If that can't be possible, I still think voicing your spells and things would be cool, don't you?



Submitted by Ashleigh Piccinino on Saturday, April 11, 2020

I just thought of something else. To Get more exercise in these troubling times of Cronavirus, I thought of actually using your apple watch--if this new game is compatable with that--as a channel for the spells. Here's what I mean here. you could wear the watch on the arm which will cast the spell you choose. Then, with a little hand flick in the direction you'd like your spell to go--it doesn't have to look like you're a spastic person or anything--you could cast your spell and get more exercise at the same time. of course, your AirPods could somehow Bluetooth to your watch, so you can still hear in the way you do now with your phone. yes, this would be for mobil versions only. What about having distortions behind you so you have to physically have to turn your body to reach them?

Submitted by ming on Sunday, April 12, 2020

I think it will have multy playing thing later.
but, I don't know it will be in the same one or other one

Submitted by myTrueSound on Monday, April 13, 2020

Hi Ashleigh, and thanks for reaching

We have made a system that enables us to create new levels for AudioWizards pretty easily. The problem is that all our funding (the little one we have left) and energies are set in the new game we are doing KILTA, the multiplayer version of AW (which is a different game than AW) and the spanish version of AW which is called AudioMagos.

This being said, there is not update programmed for the next months, but September would be a good time to do something new. No promises though, since surviving being an Indie is not that easy.

Submitted by Hunter on Monday, April 13, 2020

When we could test the beta of the multiplayer version of AudioWizards?

Submitted by myTrueSound on Monday, April 13, 2020

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We were last friday doing an alfa, and the situation is quite okay, but we have a couple of things to fix before we can deliver it. We are thinking about the first or second week of May, so by 1st of May latest we should be recruiting the people.

We are going to be very interested in getting your feedback. This beta testing aims to get good info about how the game can be more playable for people without sight, and how audio clues can be improved so playing with sight and without it is more balanced and in equal conditions. More info soon, hopefully