AudioWizards is again on Sale! 60 % OFF the price

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We did it again! and AudioWizards is back with a huge sale and a 60 % off the price! Forget the lock-down and the #Covid-19 and have some fun following the crazy adventures of Saudaman.

That you don't know what this game is about? We are talking about a fully accessible game with voiceover which has received excellent critics. The game includes more than 25 levels with progressing difficulty, an endless level to test your skills, lots of starts and hats to earn and collect, and a nice share of humor to get from you some laughs. Furthermore, the soundtrack is beautiful and it was composed by 9 talented blind musicians from all around the world.

The sale is only available for iOS devices and only for one week. Play Store and Steam didn't let us to do two sales within one month. Sorry about that.

Here is the link to get straight to the point

and another link if you want to know how the game feels like before you purchase it

The more games we sell, the closer we are for our next game KILTA, and the multiplayer version of AW. Thanks for the support. Thanks for sharing.



Submitted by Olivia22 on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I"m a newbie here. I'm super excited to get this updates from you buddy. Thanks a lot!