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Hello everyone.
I've created this topic to know from you your opinion about AudioSpeed Racing game for iOS, Mac and PC versions. Since there is no podcast about the game here at AppleVis, I think it is a great idea to know from users who've played the game their thoughts and suggestions.
I think the game idea is great and challenging, but very hard to play and change directions from an iOS device. I've just learned some of the game elements and how to change speed from an iOS device and there are still many things to learn. In the Mac/ PC version of this game, the user can steering the ship and control speed using an external device such as a steering weal wich is more fun and accurate, while the iOS version does not support this feature.
I think the iOS version needs to be improved a lot.
Finally, I'd be proud to pilot an airplane, helicopter, not a starship. :)



Submitted by charles on Monday, August 18, 2014

I would prefer driving a car on a track rather than a spaceship.

I have the PC demo, and haven't played it much, as I downloaded it last night. I found keyboard response better than a game controller. The action of the game controller seems to be opposite. If I need to turn right, I have to pull the stick to the left, but the steering using a keyboard is correct.

I would like to try using the app on my iPhone 5. If it is a paid app, it'll have to wait for a while, though.