AudioMagos, the spanish version of AudioWizards is out in the stores

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Hi all.
AudioMagos, the spanish version of AudioWizards is out in the stores.

The game is a separate one, and it can be download for free and played like that until level 13. After that, you can buy the next levels. We have applied now an In App purchase scheme to see if this one works better regarding monetization. And that is the reason why the game is a separate one. I apologize if somebody bought the english version and feels now that should have the rights to play the spanish one for free. I know it is not how typically things are done, but not this time for us.

Feel free to share this note with your spanish playing community, if you have that. All help to spread the world will help us.

Thanks also to Cristian León and Alberto&Chrissie for voice acting Saundaman, Director and Mezafort.

The direct links for iOS

and i also share for Android in case somebody is lost and didn't know this site is only for Apple products…




Submitted by myTrueSound on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Hi, and just an small apology.
We use in our games an accessibility plugin developed by a third party. That plugin was updated, and we added in AudioMagos. However, it seems they have used google translate or something similar, and some wording is a little bit bad. For instance, "menu disabled" was translated as "menu discapacitado" and that sounds awful and not friendly. We have now fix the problem and in the next update our translations correct the bad ones from that plugin.

Submitted by roman on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

It is very good to hear! Enjoy my eSpanish comunity! Have fun.