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Hi all I have downloaded an app that looked accessible from the description. Audio invaders, has any played this game, or can give some insight? I have tryed it, not sure what to do or how to play it? Thanks please feel free to email me



Submitted by xenacat3 on Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hi: I contacted the developer and he is willing to try to make it more accessible. The game is really fun, but the opening screen doesn't work with voiceover. If you touch just above the bottom in the middle, then again in the center of the screen and wait a few seconds you can usually get it to start. However, sometimes you get stuck in a screen which is difficult to get out of. The back button is the one in the center just above the bottom of the screen. The actual game can only be played by turning off voiceover. Then you can tap on the screen to fire a gun and tilting the phone supposedly lines you up with the target or moves the target across the screen. However, I can't always get it to shoot and when it makes a bullet contact sound it doesn't sound like its anywhere near the center of the audio field. I still have fun trying though. Hope this helps. PS. The creator has asked if I would be willing to test future releases for accessibility and I have agreed.

Submitted by Jon on Monday, March 19, 2012


I'm the actual developer of Audio Invaders. Thankyou for your interest in the game.

I'm working on making the game more accesible. Due to the way I developed the game I don't have access to VoiceOver but I can certainly add some more functionality that should help you get into the game.

Any tips ideas are welcome.

I'm planning on adding it so each button when pressed will speak and tell you its function then when the button is released it will perform its function, then if you drag your finger off without releasing it wont activate the button.

Also when the game starts I could add some audio tips to explain the basics of the gameplay.

For the time being here's my best attempt at explaining the game.

- All the game is played in portrait mode, and only works with the iphone menu button at the bottom.

- initial screen loads, which tells the user headphones are required for your survival.

- After 3 seconds tap the screen to go to the main menu.

- Main menu loads:

- at the top is the high score, I dont know if I could set this up to be read out, I'll look into it.

- at the very bottom middle of the screen is the options button, above this is the play button, so if you go from the middle of the screen and move down you will find the play button.

- when play is pressed, your tank comes onto screen and shoots the play button. it then pans off to the right.

- there is a headphone syncing screen which plays audio in separate ears, first your left, then right, then both. To check the player has their headphones around the correct way.

- you then need to twist the device to start play. tilt the right side down and your tanks moves to the right, tilt the left side down to move to the left.

- invaders come down from above, one at a time to start with. you must steer underneath them and tap the screen to fire.

- you have to hit the invaders a few times for them to explode. some take more hits than others.

- most invaders moe straight down one sort move in a zig zag motion.

- some invaders when exploded drop powerups which either give you extra health, or change your current weapon type. When each powerup is collected it adds to a total of gun upgrades, once enough are collected you unlock a new sort of gun, there are 5 guns to unlock at the moment.

- if an invader travels all the way down the screen it crashes into earth and damages your health, once your hit 5 or so times its gameover. and the word 'gameover' is spoken. there is a score board which shows how many of the 5 types of invader you have destroyed. 

- the game over screen comes up and at the bottom middle of the screen after 2 or 3 seconds a mennu button appears. when pressed allow 5 seconds to return back to the main menu.

Anyway I hope this helps.

As well as updating this game I'm looking into my next project that should feature 3d audio more like that experienced with Papa Sangre but that is going to be a long way off any fully working game.


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Hello, I have just read about this review and i love audio invaders! you know what, it could be a nice idea to translate audio messages in other languages - i am italian speaking you could send me the sentences to translate, the ones that are recorded, and i can send you translated audio files back let me know!

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