are there any accessible games like Solara?

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Hi. I just started playing solara and I like it for these reasons. You can play against other players in the arena. it works with VoiceOver. It is easy to understand and I was able to get started without having to cheet and use a guide or walkthrough which wrecks the fun of the game anyhow. Most games that are accessible no matter if they are card games or audio games are so hard for me that I either can't get started or can't get far and don't like to get help because then the games are no longer fun. Even though it is an online game, it uses an extremely small amount of data. I do not like it for these reasons. It is way too hard and because of that it is just frustrating to play and not really a fun game. To get food you need to either wait a long time for food to restock or buy food or other ways of expediting the process of getting food using large amounts of Esper. The only ways to get Esper are by buying it or earning it by playing, but when you play to earn it, you only get small amounts of it. I have spent about $50 on Esper and am still only on level 20 so had to force myself to stop buying Esper. Without enough Esper it is very hard to get food in a timely manner and you need food for almost everything in the game. Training your heroes, fighting and doing quests. I really hope I can find the patients to play through and finish the game, because there seems to be a story behind it and I want to find out how it ends, but I hate looking it up or asking someone who has played the whole game. Also, it looks like EsperLabs has shut down, which means this app has not been updated in 2 years and will not be getting updated ever again. I am shocked that iOS 8 did not breake the app or at least brake accessibility. I am also wondering, if EsperLabs is shut down, who does the money from the game go to and who runs the server that is undoubtedly needed to make the arena work? So, does anyone know of an accessible game like Solara, but that is a bit easyer and you can spend less time waiting and more time playing and where you can also play against other people? I don't minde a bit of waiting, but this game requires a bit too much waiting. Thank you.



Submitted by Orinks on Friday, May 15, 2015

Yeah, I think it's questionable where the money for Esper and game purchases are going to now. I stopped playing once the game stopped being seriously developed. To be honest there really isn't a story, and if there is, it's... poor compared to other games such as Monster Kingdom.
Speaking of Monster Kingdom, anyone know if there's something similar to that game, but where the developer actually tries to put effort into accessibility? Zhurosoft just pretty much said "No, we aren't doing it".

Submitted by Ed on Friday, September 4, 2015

Hello Miss J
I have been playing Solara since 2012. This is a game that is not designed to play in a short time.
A simple stratagy is to use Esper ONLY for the purchase of food producing shops.
You will from time to time be required to purchase a gold shop to complete a quest.
Also, NEVER go to a level higher then ALL the food shops in the build menu. I strongly suggest that you even earn mor esper before you advance to the next arena level.
These are as follows.
Hero levels 1-15 Bronze
16-20 Silver
21-25 gold
26-30 Mithril
and I believe that 31-50 is the master leauge.
If you are in for a real quest you can try and join the rubber and wood leagues at level 1-5 and 6-12. This however requires more then on game.
I have 8 games in the mix. they are as follows
Ye Draggin' Dragon
Dragon Draggin'
#Lkbrzkr dragon twitter I dont post much
Lokis Lair

Never buy food with esper. You may have to start a new game with a differant email address in the game center.