Anyone try 2048 yet?

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2048 seems to be the big new game of the moment and after talking with various friends and family members who have become hooked on it I am wondering if it might be accessible. From the descriptions I have of it, it would seem to be a perfect candidate for an accessible game. It is laid out like a tile puzzle, one of those with just one tile out of the frame so that the tiles can all slide around. Players have to manipulate a set of tiles, each with a number on it. One must combine tiles, only two tiles with the same number can be combined, thus leading to a single new tile with a number double the number that was on the original tiles. The goal is to get a single tile with the number 2048 and when this is accomplished the current game or level or whatever is completed. I don't know how scoring works or any more details, but my description is just a basic outline of how the game works and what the goals are. It really does seem as though accessibility would be easy, but one never knows if the developer of a game is willing to make the effort towards accessibility or if they even know how. If anyone has had experience with the game, I would love to hear of it. Thanks, Chris



Submitted by bryan mcglashan on Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hi I've just downloaded it and tried it sorry to say it's not accessible the only thing that pops up is a text field and an advert beside it

Submitted by Ken Downey on Sunday, April 13, 2014

I didn't have any problems playing it, though you have to explore, because swiping doesn't work. Once you find the number you want to move, double tap and hold, then swipe in the direction you want the number to go. It will slide until it either hits a wall, another number, or combines with a number. Sometimes when apps seem inaccessible, just turn off voiceover and click around, because you might just be in a tutorial. Works fine for me

I have enough vision to see this and Threes quite well on my iPhone and iPad Air, but never thought to try VoiceOver on 2048. I can explore the tiles on the board, but can't seem to get the double tap and hold, then swipe gesture to work, so the tiles move. I can explore the board fine, but just can't get the tiles to move. Threes is the original tile game of this nature that became really popular, and I tend to prefer it over 2048. Unfortunately Threes isn't accessible to VoiceOver yet, but I did contact the developer. They plan to make it accessible in a future update as well. Both of these are fun and challenging. The main difference is that in 2048, the tiles will slide until they hit another tile or the edge of the board, where Threes always only moves one tile at a time.

Submitted by Skhye on Saturday, April 26, 2014

There are probably 40 or 50 different versions of 2048 in the App Store. My favorite version, completely accessible with VO, is made by Ketchapp. Look for them in the App Store, or go to this link:

You may have to turn VO off and swipe from right to left a few times to get past the tutorial, but then you should be good to go. When double tapping and swiping, swipe quickly, right when you hear the tritone. If you wait too long to swipe, VO may not recognize the swipe gesture.

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