Anyone know if the pocket version of Thumper's friendly to those of us who are visually impaired?

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Just doing a little YouTubing for a while before my semester lets out for a bit of summer break, and I found Thumper. BGFJ used it on Google Stadia, but I was wondering if the pocket version of that Thumper game is accessable for people who are blind? the person referred to in this message had low vision and did pretty well with the game sometimes, but I was just wondering about blind players? Arkia or however that's spelled has no VoiceOver support, so so sad there. Thumper, if you don't know is for music and all that stuff/rhythm game, so ...



Submitted by Ashleigh Piccinino on Saturday, May 9, 2020

I'd really like to know if the pocket version of Thumper's actually accessable with VoiceOver on the iPhone. I'm not buying it just to delete it if it's not accessable. where can I find a youtube video about this as BGFH uses a PC not an iPhone.