Any New Accessible Games?

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I. Went on the app store and was combing through the games. Not sure why I bothered as nothing is ever accessible. It’s so discouraging sometimes. With that being said, does anyone know of any games being made accessible or new accessible games? Thanks.



Submitted by Patrick Smyth on Thursday, December 27, 2018

Have you tried Six Ages, a successor to King of Dragon Pass? I agree that it's disheartening, as it feels like there are actually fewer good accessible games out there than there used to be, since some important ones have gone away.

Submitted by Sasha Stride on Friday, December 28, 2018

Sleepless here so decided to go search through games. I found a game that I think is one of a kind called Mancala Voice. It is fully accessible. It is a type of board game. Just be aware that for some reason the game hangs completely when you accidentally tap on a zero wich I haven't found a way to bypass yet. I bought some clasic games too all of them with the word accessible. Minesweeper, Mastermind, Othello and Letter Soup. Three of them are from the same devs. I also found Kings Corner. There is a card game I have seen called one foundation but I don't know it myself but my sister plays it.

Submitted by Remy on Friday, December 28, 2018

A perfect time to plug my project.

I am currently working on music composition and sound design for a visual novel called The Haunting of Hemlock Circle. I did not even know when I started, but the engine the game is developed with has a self-voicing feature! I was blown away when I found that out. I am hoping to convince the developer to add full voice acting - if we can find competent actors, but as the game will either be free or at most sell for a few bucks, I don't know if that will happen. What it will have is an interesting story, branching choices leading to multiple endings and immersive sound design and music. It's also accessible, as the self-voicing feature reads out menus, choices, options and text. I've just started the project which is currently in the alpha stages. But I'll have more news as it progresses. Currently the alpha works on PC, but if it also works on Mac I'll post something more official.