any accessible shooting games for the IOS devices?

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hey all. does it have anny good and accessible shooting games for the IOS devices?



Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Friday, April 13, 2012

get HearStrike. h, e, a, r, s, t, r, i, k, e. It should be in English too, even if it's developed by an italian developer It works with accelerometer and tiltometer, stereo headphones or earphones are needed as to find and shoot the target, you must move the phone where the sound comes from For example if you hear a continuous beeping sound on the left ear, you must tilt your device to your left: the phone must be in landscape mode, with the home key to your left and the volume keys towards the ceiling there are 2 sounds. one is a beep repeated continuously, beep, beep, beep, the other is very similar to a vacuum cleaner: beeps indicate the direction (left or right), the other sound indicates how distant is the target from your front to increase your score, you must have both sounds centered and loud there are many levels: very easy, easy, medium, difficult, very difficult. You can give 5 shoots each level, for a maximum of 500 points (one full target is 100 points) remember that, in single player mode, the weapon has 3 bullets; to recharge it, you must shake the phone I shake it every shoot, as if you finish your bullets you must shake it 3 times before starting shooting again in multi-player game, I suppose, you must shake it every shoot as the charge is immediately over. I found some little problems on multi-play, such as it crashes with game center invitations but for now, if you wish, train with single mode good luck PS my game center nick if you need, is the same nickname I have on this forum. talksina.