Any accessible online casino?

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Are there any online casino for playing blackjack or poker with real Money as accessible for blind?
İt is not a must to be on İOS
Best regards.



Submitted by Tree on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Most, if not all of the main stream online gambling sites are not accessible. However, try out
Blind adrenaline, as the name implies, is a gaming platform for blind people. It has windows clients for holdem and draw poker, hearts, crevege and one more that I'm forgetting at the moment. You can play for free for the first month and then I believe it is round 10 dollars a month after that. B A has a really great community with Texes Holdem poker tournaments, plus cash and sit and go games all the time, as well as weekly tournaments in other games. I spent a lot of last year on B A, rising up the ranks and I have a lot of really great memories from the experience. I have become to busy for poker now, but I miss the community, they are very welcoming to new players.

Here's the thing, B A is not for real money; in other words, your not playing to win or loose money through the site. However, at least when I was last on the site, a few months ago, some of us top players were using the site to play for real money. One guy acted as a bookie, and he took care of all of the transactions for a small cut. No one was getting rich, because there were not enough real money players, but the top winners had profits of over one hundred bucks, and I think our biggest cash prize, for a multi game tournament was over 70 dollars in profit.

More to the point, the real money games were a lot of fun, because it really was the best of the best, and we had to all be at the top of our game, and multi round championships were very epic. One of the last of these real money championships I played was a twelve game heads up match, that yours truly took down.

Any way, the thing is, everyone new these real money games were going on, but it was against the rules to talk about them on the site. The real money players communicated through emails; so if your interested, don't mention anything about real money in the in game chat system. Instead, ask for Kurt, or PocoLoco, Kurt is is real name. he is the bookie and he will be more then happy to explain all of the details to you, if the real money games are even still going. We were always looking for more players, so people will welcome you in, and we were never paying for high buy ins. Plus you can start fout by playing for free if you want.

One last thing, last I checked, the site admin was having some behind the scenes trouble with something, so if you sine up for a free account and you get an error when you try and enter a table, just shoot him an email; you can find his email on the site, his name is Chay.

Good luck.

Submitted by Boris on Friday, August 3, 2018

do you have a suggestion to make card games accessible on online casinoes like poker and blackjack"
if i communicate with casinoes or some famous poker sites can it work?

Submitted by dave sime on Saturday, April 20, 2019

I tried finding this blind adrenaline could not find it on App Store, all in playe seems not to be around I have not joined any of these games in many years is there a site currently online Texas hold them for the blind

Submitted by Chris on Sunday, April 21, 2019

First, I wouldn't recommend the Blind Adrenaline site. While it's a website, the games themselves require Windows which makes absolutely no sense. This means it isn't going to work with iOS. I also don't recommend either paying for or using this service as the developer hasn't been the most reliable in the past with his previous racing titles.

If you want good online games, check out Quentin C or RS Games. Quentin C has Texas Holdem and Blackjack, as well as many other titles. You can access these for free using the web client. Simply visit in Safari on your iOS device to get started.

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