This is another great text based game by hosted games in my opinion

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The Last Wizard!
It’s a regular Tuesday evening when you are pulled from the Earth and sent to a place where magic still exists. You are given a wizard's tower filled with arcane knowledge that you are expected to learn. Thrust into a war between two nations, it's up to you to save the kingdom where you now live.
"The Last Wizard" is a 185,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Mike Walter, where your choices control the story. It's entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.
Your choices will influence who rules the land and what happens to the civilians living there. Will you find love or will you strive to return to the life you were forced to leave behind? Will you save the kingdom, or will you betray the people for your own personal gain? The choice is yours!
• Play as male, female, genderfluid, or non-binary; gay, straight, or asexual
• Find romance with a variety of interesting characters.
• Learn and master multiple powerful spells.
• Build a powerful golem, ride a dragon, raise the dead, heal the sick, rain fire upon your enemies, fly, become invisible, summon lightning, enchant magical weapons...
• Acquire powerful magical artifacts.
• Save the kingdom or join the enemy.
• Return home to Earth or live your life in a fantasy world.
• Change the fates of two nations!



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I agree with this post. Currently playing the game and enjoying it.

Submitted by Missy Hoppe on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I make a point of purchasing all choice of games and hosted games titles, especially now that they have their omnibus apps. The Last Wizard is definitely one of my new favorites!

Submitted by jrjolley (not verified) on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

In reply to by Missy Hoppe

Like Missy, I have purchased all hosted and choice releases. The omnybus apps were the bestthing to happen because I can just select any story and play - saves remembering the app name.

Submitted by Patrick Smyth on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Not as amazing as Lost Heir but still a good CoG. Like the difficulty in games by this author, as most CoG are cakewalks.

Submitted by kool_turk on Thursday, August 23, 2018

If this is anything like choice of magic, I probably wouldn't like it.

Which is a shame, because choice of magic is written by the same author as choice of the robot, which I'll probably by if they ever decide to put it on special.

They usually do around christmas time.

Submitted by kool_turk on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Yep, this is definitely better than choice of magic so far.

I've started playing the demo, will see how things go.

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