am I the only one who likes game center?

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Hi all,

IMO, Game Center is a really under rated part of iOS, and more so OS X. I like the idea of being able to see how you stack up to the rest of your friends, or even, every one who plays a certain game, although most of the time the highest scores for games are ridiculously high. I'm also somewhat of an achievement geek, because I feel like it gives me extra insentive to play games after I "finish" them. I'm still chasing a few achievements in Ear Monsters and Spell Stack. Since Stem Stumper was my introduction to Game Center, I took a little bit of pride in getting all the achievements in it, although it took a bit of time to do it. The developer even tweeted me on my birthday (completely coinsidental{, and said they'd need to create some levels that I couldn't beat. I used to have fun comparing my scores with one of my friends, which could be even better now that you can send challenges to people.

Does anyone else find Game Center enjoyable? And yes, feel free to friend me there if you want :)



Submitted by Unuhinui╩╗i on Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I like Game Center sometimes. But I have too many friends (and game recommendations) who play boring games, so I'll need more friends who play audiogames or other cool stuff - braille, motion thinking and skills...