Accessibility in shadow era

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Hi all, I have been playing shadow era with a friend for one week. Shadow era is a card game, a bit related with magic - the gathering for those who know that game. I created a thread on their forum, asking for accessibility in the iPhone version. The game can not be played now with voiceover, but I think it is not difficult to adapt the game to become accessible. I don't think they will change something. It is not always that developers want to make big changes, but sometimes it happens... well, I have done my part. here the link: let's see what happens.



Submitted by Earth on Saturday, September 3, 2011

I wish there are some playing card game for the visually impair people. I downloaded a game called solitaire but I couldn't get any reading from the voice over. I'm blind but I still want to play game like every body else too. any one know any game you can suggest me? thank you