Hey, just curious, using IOS 7 Iphone 4s. Had problems with WonderRadio wlrking, kept crashing on my 4s. I uninstalled and now its not availabl in the app store. Any thoughts? Thanks, Chucke


#1 I Wunder

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I bought that app nearly two years ago, and I don't think it has been updated since then. If you don't have it backed up, I might suggest going with a different app instead, such as OoTunes. Just a thought. I'd send you the contact information for the developer, but I don't have access to that information right now. Good luck.

#2 Wunder Support Wrote

I wrote them about this same problem and here's what I got back: Hello, We stopped development of WunderRadio in 2012, and the app was removed from Apple's store early this year. It seems that iOS 7 breaks the app. We don't currently have any plans to bring WunderRadio back, but I will let the team know that it is a missed product. Thank you, William Wunderground Support