Sound Amplifier / Hearing Aid Apps for DeafBlind

Anyone know of any accessible sound amplifier / hearing aid apps for deafblind / hard-of-hearing blind folks?

(I myself only have a mild hearing loss and would only need such in very specific certain situations. Would be nice just to hae an app fro such situations.)



#1 There are plenty of free ones

There are plenty of free ones out there, sure. Just go to app stoor and type hearing aid in the search box. Most are accessible and one of them near the top even has EQ. HTH!

#2 Just tried Petralex and

Just tried Petralex and reviewed it. To save me time, which one has EQ. Also, which one do you think is the best (most accessible / has most options / customization / best amplification / greatest amplification range)?

#3 augmented hearing and hearing aid app

i tried Fennex (augmented hearing) app, is a help for many situations where listening is difficult, it has many settings that allow customization and is equipped with many presets.

In addition, it is the first app of this kind to be designed for airpods, which makes it much simpler in use, but can also be used with normal headphones.

Definitely worth a try

#4 Fennex and internet connection

On the description page in the app store, they indicate that Fennex requires and internet connection. Why is this? Does that mean that the app can't be used unless you are connected to WiFi or using data?



#5 More Questions On Fennex

I am wondering what the business model is for the Fennex app - i.e., Why is it free? Is there something I am missing here? It doesn't look like a non-profit.

Also, I'm still curious why the app indicates that it requires an internet connection to work. I would thinkg that the iPhone itself should be able to process the audio to augment the quality and processing over the internet would produce an unacceptable lag time.

Just curious what I might be getting myself into before downloading and trying this app.

Thanks for any info.


#6 Fennex app

Well i just istalled Fennex Augmemted hearing app, it looks really cool, graphically is really realxing and user friendly, i tried the hearing test, it is esay to perform, after that you dont really need to do anything more than chose one of the scenes, at least if you are not an expert and wanna use the advanced equalizer.
The quality of sound is really astonishing, both with airpods or earbuds, in truth with airpods there is a little delay, but not so much to be a real problem