siri lockscreen and airpods 2?

Dear all,
When giving a siri command through my airpods 2, everytime siri is done I have my lockscreen read out loud with voiceover. Is there a way that my lockscreen is not announced when I use siri from my lock phone through my airpods 2?
If you need clarification just ask smiley.


#1 is your screen locked?

Interesting, this doesn't happen to me. is your touchscreen locked when you do this?

#2 re screen lockaaed and siri

Yes it does that when siri is finished and my music continues again. I use an iphone 6s with the newest ios.

#3 Re: Reading locked screen

I have the Airpod 2 and an iPhone XR. I have never had it read the locked screen when giving a Siri command through the Airpods. I do usually keep the phone locked, i.e., screen off, with the phone in my pocket.