Question on Bluetooth Toggle in iOS Control Centre

Hi everyone, I had a rather unique question to ask. I've often heard iOS users, mostly sighted users, saying that if they opened the Control Centre, that they could tap and hold on the Bluetooth toggle and have a list of paired devices show, which they could easily select an item and have it connect to it, all without having to open the Bluetooth settings in the Settings app.

I've tried this, tapping and holding, 3D Touch, and cannot figure out if VoiceOver users can do this as well. Are there users out there who have successfully done this and perhaps explain the proper way of doing this?



#1 Bluetooth toggle


I hadn't heard of this. It would be a great feature. Unfortunately, I can't replicate it. Tried on iPhone 6 and iPhone 8 to see if 3d touch made a difference. Nothing worked which is a shame.

#2 Same Here!

I know that I've heard this more from the sighted users side, from various podcasts, but I've not been able to reproduce it myself. When I do a 3D touch on the bluetooth toggle in the Control Centre, it just toggles it on or off, no list actually appears. That's why I thought I would mention it here in case another blind user knows about it or how to do it successfully.

This could very well be just something that is available to sighted users, although it would suck if that would be the case.

#3 Is it possible ...

Is it possible that you are thinking of the shortcut menu that you can access by using 3D Touch on the icon for the Settings app?

This includes a ‘Bluetooth’ item which will show a list of devices when double-tapped.

#4 I Don't Think It Was...

It could be, but I do recall the person saying that they could tap and hold on the toggle switch in the control center to be able to view a list of paired devices and easily tap one to connect to it immediately. If memory serves me, I believe it was Andy Ihnatko that mentioned it on MacBreak Weekly.

#5 I Think I Found It

Ok, well, after some searching, I think I found what I was referring to. I was both right and wrong at the same time. There is a way to switch between one bluetooth device to another from the control center, but it's not from the Bluetooth toggle, but from the next button to the right, the "Audio Root" button.

So there's the answer. I guess when I heard it from MacBreak Weekly, the way they worded it, it sounded as if you had to tap and hold the Bluetooth toggle, but that wasn't it. Thanks to everyone who helped!