problems with the latest update of youtube

I'm wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the latest youtube update. WHen I click on the subscriptions tab at the bottom, all I get is a list of channels youtube thinks I might be interested in subscribing to. I'v'e clicked around and can't figure out any easy way to bring up my channels.
This problem is happening on both an iPhone and an iPad.
Any ideas?


#1 No Problems With Latest Update

I can view the channels that I'm subscribed to with no problems at all. They all appear on my subscriptions tab just as they should. I'm using an iPhone 8 and latest iOS.

#2 have I changed something?

I can't think of anything I've changed. This behavior only happened after updating. I'm running ios 11.4.1 on two devices- an ipad 2017 and an iPhone 8. When I click on subscriptions at the bottom, I get this list of channels youtube wants me to subscribe to. I know I'm still logged into google, as when I click on your account I can still see my channels, just not sorted by newest upload. I wonder if I've changed something by